One of my all-time favorite Batman pages.

One of my all-time favorite Batman pages.

>Open the door

>Get on the floor

>Everybody walk the dinosaur

Just watched Feat of Clay for the first time

Why can’t I hold all these feels?

New 52 Legion of Doom?

Was browsing a comics forum, when I saw someone pose the question for villains that could logically face down the current Justice League. My lineup borrows pretty heavily from Superfriends, so bear with me. I also tried to go with two villains for each hero, since villains would logically take any advantage they could get…

For Superman: Lex Luthor and Bizarro. Lex can act as the team’s benefactor (and, by extension, de facto leader), while Bizarro brings the muscle necessary to face the Man of Steel. After all, Grant Morrison’s already planted the seeds for his debut, what with Lex offhandedly mentioning replicating Supes.

For Batman: The Riddler and a Sinestro Corps-Powered Scarecrow. The Riddler is a genius, able to outwit the Justice League with ease. Scarecrow’s fear games are potent in their own right, but giving him a power ring permanently (hey, they’re still missing a member from 2814) also lets him go toe-to-toe with Hal Jordan, a hero with a woefully tiny Rogue’s Gallery (especially now that most have either reformed or are on neutral terms).

For Wonder Woman: Giganta and Cheetah. I didn’t want to go with Ares and Circe, whose Godliness I felt didn’t really mesh with the team. Both are iconic Wondy villains, and bring interesting skill sets to the table; Giganta can provide covering fire against all sorts of third parties (think tanks, etc.), while Cheetah’s brutal fighting style puts her almost on par with Diana.

For Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Scarecrow and Sinestro. Let’s be honest; Sinestro’s fall is a foregone conclusion. Perhaps he could lower himself to joining this team of terrestrial thugs in pursuit of the man who has twice cost him his ring, Hal Jordan?

For The Flash: Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Weather Wizard. Gorrila Grodd completes the Brain Trust of the team along with Riddler and Luthor. I feel like Captain Cold would want to bring some of his men in on the operation, perhaps to bridge the now-frayed relations between the Rogues? Cold’s newfound powers will work wonders at slowing the Scarlet Streak, Mirror Master’s illusions and teleportation are an incredible asset in the field, and Weather Wizard’s skill set is invaluable. I wanted to shy away from using either Zoom, as there’s really not much reason to bring back Thawne this early, and Zolomon vs Barry makes absolutely no sense.

For Aquaman: Black Manta and Ocean Master. For Manta, I like to think that his origin could be tied into this event, receiving his weaponry from Luthor Aquatics (thus also explaining the similarities between his helmet and the team’s lair) to pursue his vengeance against Aquaman. Orm is purely involved for political motivations, hoping to finally dispose of his brother, then clean his hands of these land dwellers.

For Cyborg: Amazo and Solomon Grundy. I REALLY had fun thinking up these two. They both represent the dual nature of Vic: Amazo, the purely mechanical powerhouse, and Grundy, the organic behemoth. Amazo’s versatility very likely surpasses his, and Grundy’s regenerative abilities and brute strength make him a tough opponent for any hero.

TL;DR Version: Luthor, Bizarro, Riddler, Giganta, Cheetah, Sinestro Corpsmen Scarecrow and Sinestro, Grodd, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Black Manta, Ocean Master, Amazo, and Grundy.