Ultimate Universe continues to be best universe.
Seriously, all ya’ll hung up on the past are missing some great comics.

Everything every man does has an impact, if he lets his imagination loose. — Hank Pym

Watched the pilot for Avengers Assemble

Wow, what a steaming pile of horse shit that was. Like, Ultimate Spider-Man bad. Really hideous animation, and with the exception of Fred Tatasciore, the voice acting is atrocious.

And offering Falcon the War Machine armor? Seriously? Guess all black characters are interchangeable now. Can’t wait to see Luke Cage as the Black Panther!

Seriously, go fuck yourself Marvel animation.

Look at what movie they’re leaving.

Look at what movie they’re leaving.

I just read a post saying “Black Panther has never been interesting, except for his sexual tension with Namor.”


No, seriously; what the actual fuck?

First off, Black Panther is one of the best characters in the Marvel Universe. Secondly, how the hell can you interpret seething rage at the man who attempted to commit genocide on your people as sexual tension? 

As much as I love T’Challa and desperately want him to get a movie, I almost hope he doesn’t to keep the dipshit fandom away from one of my favorite superheroes.

Yowza, that hurt to watch. 

I Don’t Need Your Civil War is beautiful. http://mightygodking.com/i-dont-need-your-civil-war/

I Don’t Need Your Civil War is beautiful.

If you don’t love Black Panther, you are wrong.

Best present this Christmas.

Best present this Christmas.

Chile, please.

Chile, please.